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Amyris Receives Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) Sustainability Certification

May 06, 2014

Amyris has completed the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification process and has earned one of the most respected sustainability certifications in the world.

Amyris, a leading renewable products company, is one of the first commercial-scale second-generation biomaterial producers and is working with a number of partners to deliver products that include renewable fuels and lubricants, high-performance polymers and solvents, and consumer care ingredients such as emollients and fragrance oils.

RSB's sustainability certification covers Amyris's renewable hydrocarbon molecules, initially farnesene, produced from Brazilian sugarcane feedstock at the Amyris biorefinery in Brotas, São Paulo state. Farnesene is a liquid, long-chain, branched renewable hydrocarbon that serves as precursor in many applications ranging from specialty chemicals to high performance fuels. The audit for RSB certification was conducted by SCS Global Services.

"We are delighted to grant RSB certification to Amyris, the first company to earn RSB certification in Brazil. Their commitment to sustainability and recognition of the importance of strong, credible sustainability standards in the biochemical industry is impressive and continues to help position Amyris as an industry leader," said Rolf Hogan, RSB's Executive Secretary.

"Sustainability serves as a foundation for our company and our products. We are expanding our product portfolio to enable the betterment of industries, local communities and the environment. From our renewable diesel and jet fuel to our cosmetic emollient squalane and new fragrance oils, we apply inspired science to deliver solutions for a growing world," said Zanna McFerson, Amyris's Chief Business Officer. "We look forward to continuing our work with RSB and other stakeholders to demonstrate our commitment to its rigorous sustainability standards for all of our molecules and products," she added.

"We are proud of Amyris's RSB certification. Total and Amyris are working in partnership to bring our jointly-developed renewable jet fuel to market this year, following the anticipated ASTM validation. RSB's certification is a demonstration of the shared commitment we have to the aviation industry to deliver solutions that address a key pillar of the industry's 2050 Vision, namely sustainable technology to power the industry. Our renewable fuels have the potential to combat emissions while providing increased performance," said Jean-Marc Otero del Val, Deputy Senior Vice President New Energies, TOTAL.

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About RSB

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global sustainability standard and voluntary certification system for biomaterials production. The RSB standard represents a consensus of over 100 organizations around the world including farmers, refiners, governments, UN agencies and NGOs. It is designed to ensure the sustainability of biomaterials production while providing user-friendly tools for industry to demonstrate compliance. RSB certification validates sustainable production including greenhouse gas emission reductions, respect for human rights, protection of biodiversity and water and maintenance of food security. RSB is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, which defines codes of good practices for standard-setting organisations. To find out more about RSB's standard, membership, or certification, visit

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