First generation renewable fuels have been an important part of the effort to reduce the world’s petroleum dependence and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels. However, these first generation renewable fuels have some limitations, ranging from lower energy density than petroleum fuels to lack of fungibility with existing petroleum distribution systems.

Amyris has partnered with TOTAL to develop renewable fuels designed to be optimal transportation fuels. Our technology makes it possible to blend renewable hydrocarbons produced from plant or cellulosic sugars into fuel in proportions that exceed the current targets set by various government policies.

Building on our Biofene hydrocarbon building block, the renewable fuels developed by TOTAL and Amyris deliver energy density, engine performance, and storage properties comparable to the best petroleum fuels. Amyris is currently selling renewable diesel in metropolitan areas in Brazil and our renewable jet fuel with our partner TOTAL around the world.

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