Amyris’s industrial biotechnology platform offers significant innovation opportunities for polymers and plastic additives.

With its unique chemical structure, Biofene is ideally suited for various polymer applications. Amyris is currently collaborating with several partners to incorporate Biofene in breakthrough applications.

For instance, Amyris is working with Japan’s Kuraray to use Biofene to replace petroleum-derived feedstock in the production of specified classes of high-performing polymers for the tire industry. Initial testing indicates that Biofene provides differentiated performance for rubber tires by reducing rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy, without reduction in tire wear.

Looking ahead, Amyris’s technology platform is able to produce other building blocks with the potential to provide an array of new renewable polymers to serve a variety of markets. For instance, we are working with Michelin to produce renewable isoprene and acquired a muconic acid platform that allows us to expand to a broad range of plastic additives and other applications.

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