Our renewable hydrocarbon building block, farnesene, is ideally suited for various high performance applications.

Here are just some of the products we are developing.


Amyris has developed a best-in-class renewable solvent produced from plant sugars. Myralene™ sustainably-sourced, VOC-exempt solvents provide a favorable viscosity profile, superior degreasing power, excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, low odor, no color, and ready biodegradability.

Amyris plans to launch its first industrial cleaning products containing its Myralene™ renewable solvents through U.S. AutoForce and U.S. Lubricants, divisions of U.S. Venture, Inc.


We are working with Kuraray to use farnesene to replace petroleum-derived feedstock in the production of specified classes of high-performing polymers for the tire industry. Initial testing indicates that our renewable hydrocarbon provides differentiated performance for rubber tires by reducing rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy, without reduction in tire wear.


Our technology platform is able to produce other building blocks with the potential to provide an array of new renewable polymers to serve a variety of markets. One area of great promise is isoprene for tires. We are working with Michelin and Braskem to develop and commercialize renewable isoprene from plant sugars.


Performance Materials

No Compromise® ingredients for flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, solvents and lubricants, diesel and jet fuel, and polymers.