The Beauty Industry’s Next Transformation, Powered by Biotech

May 12, 2022

On May 11, Amyris’ CEO and President, John Melo joined a panel of leaders at the 2022 WWD Beauty CEO Summit to discuss how biotech is driving a new age of innovation and creativity in beauty.

“Our single purpose is making sustainability mainstream and beauty is one of the most impactful ways to do that. This industry has amazing storytellers and creators that can connect with the consumer in a meaningful way that helps to change behaviors. Where biotechnology comes into the equation is as the critical infrastructure – such as large-scale industrial fermentation, production factories, and formulating – that enables this industry to execute on more sustainable practices.” – John Melo CEO and President of Amyris at WWD Beauty CEO Summit  

Melo hit on three important themes during the panel that will set the tone for how Amyris continues to lead in sustainable beauty, and beyond.

1. Biotech’s Growing Role in Consumer Industries: At Amyris, we are focused on tackling one industry at a time and using the power of biotech to eventually transform every market into a sustainable one. We’ve started with beauty because we believe we can have an outsized impact due to the industry’s legacy practices and can reach more consumers around the world. But the opportunity does not stop at beauty – we see endless possibilities for biotech to revolutionize other industries, including food, packaging, wellness, and more. As we continue our work toward building a healthier future for both planet and people, biotech must have a seat at the table.

2. Raising the Bar for Sustainable Products: Our growing portfolio of consumer brands has proven repeatedly that sustainability does not have to come at a compromise to performance, accessibility, or otherwise. From haircare to color cosmetics to skincare, our consumer brands offer some of the leading products in their markets and have set a new standard for what consumers should expect from a sustainable brand. In 2021, our consumer revenue grew 78% YOY to $92M thanks to the success of our brands, such as Biossance, JVN, and Rose Inc. We look forward to continuing this trajectory with the launch of several new brands in 2022.

3. Consumer Engagement: With the growth of our consumer product portfolio has also come a surge of creativity in how we engage consumers. Whether through immersive educational experiences, like our new flagship Biossance store in Miami, or dedicated brand founders, like Jonathan Van Ness and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amyris offers unique experiences for consumers to better understand what we stand for as a family of brands. Our brands lead with authenticity to help consumers understand the power of Amyris’ technology platform and how it can build a more sustainable future. The enthusiasm that our brands bring to education and engagement is unmatched and has led to a community of informed consumers that value sustainability as much as we do.

In an industry valued by people in every corner of the world, ensuring the sustainable future of beauty is of utmost importance and has the potential to inspire action across every industry around the globe.

The earliest origins of the beauty industry can be traced back thousands of years ago to when people around the world used resources, like charcoal, berries, and plants as nature’s first-ever makeup products. While the beauty industry has evolved significantly, many modern-day companies still rely on the ancient practice of sourcing beauty ingredients directly from nature’s most valuable resources – including endangered animals and plants – in what is often an unsustainable process that damages the environment.

At Amyris, we are leading the beauty industry into its next phase of evolution using fermentation and biotechnology to make some of the industry’s most valuable and high-performance ingredients in a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective approach.

“We have become the leader in creating clean, sustainable brands – and not just in the science of how we make ingredients, but the science of how products perform.” – John Melo, CEO and President of Amyris at a recent investor event

The worldwide beauty and personal care market is expected to grow to $716B by 2025. In parallel with this rapid growth, consumer behavior has become more environmentally conscious than ever before and purchasing power favors companies leading with transparency. As a result, there’s a significant opportunity to overhaul the beauty industry’s outdated practices and Amyris is at the forefront of making all beauty, sustainable beauty.

Learn more about our family of sustainable consumer brands and our commitment to building a healthier future for all, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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