Introducing EcoFabulous: Launching a New Generation of Clean Beauty

October 24, 2022

Last week, we celebrated the launch of EcoFabulous, Amyris’ newest consumer brand. Clean, sustainable and designed for Gen Z and Zillennial (younger Millennial) consumers, EcoFabulous currently offers skincare products with a robust collection of complexion and color cosmetics products coming soon. With our EcoFam community at the center of everything we do as a brand, we are offering our products at accessible price points so everyone can have the opportunity to obtain high-quality products that are good for them and the planet.

Gen Z and Zillennials are uniquely fabulous. Constituting over a quarter of the population in the U.S., they are the most diverse generation in our nation’s history and have a deep commitment to people and the planet. We respect their commitment to strong community values: Gen Z and Zillennial consumers tend to shop around, buy second-hand, choose vegan and plant-based, and support local businesses.

More than their predecessors, this generation demands sustainability which research suggests is a driving factor for 60% of Gen Z consumers.

EcoFabulous delivers with a deep commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices while also making sure there’s no trade-off in terms of quality and efficacy. With thoughtful sourcing and refillable and recyclable packaging, EcoFabulous reinforces that looking great and doing good can be synonymous.

Our products, like everything Amyris develops, are designed with science-first formulas that feature the Amyris ingredients people know and trust.

EcoFabulous launched with our bold and bright collection of seven face oils that are customizable across prevalent skin conditions as well as a lightweight, ultra-hydrating moisturizer that pairs perfectly with each oil. Over the coming months, wewill introduce a complexion line with 26 shades along with artist-quality dewy lip gloss, lip and cheek tints, and eyeshadows.

EcoFabulous is clean, transparent, accessible, and fun! The “allclusive” brand is excited to welcome everyone into its EcoFam community, just as they are, offering a unique beauty space for free expression. Please check us out and subscribe to emails and SMS at and follow us on TikTok and Instagram to learn more.

Bri Bennett joined Amyris in 2022 as Vice President and General Manager of EcoFabulous, Amyris’ newest clean, sustainable color cosmetics and skincare brand that delivers artist-quality products at an accessible price point. Prior to Amyris, Bri spent nearly a decade at Bain & Company, where she focused on focused on growth strategy, digital innovation, product management, human-centered design, and advanced analytics. 

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