Amyris and World Wildlife Fund Join Forces to Protect Threatened Ecosystems

October 31, 2022

The partnership is based on our shared commitment to protect biodiversity and to drive more sustainable practices to provide relief for threatened ecosystems, including the ocean

This week, Amyris announced an exciting three-year partnership with World Wildlife Fund. We are thrilled to be working with WWF because of our shared commitment to protect biodiversity and to drive more sustainable practices to provide relief for threatened ecosystems, including the ocean.

According to WWF’s 2022 Living Planet report, the population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have declined 69% on average, since 1970. With our science, sense of purpose and passion, we are proud to join forces with the WWF to reverse this alarming trend.

Over the next 3 years, we’ll explore the intersection of biotech and biodiversity to reduce pressures on wildlife and their habitats through science and innovation.  As an example, WWF brings a wealth of information and research about biodiversity that we can use as inputs as we prioritize where we apply our science to have a maximum positive impact for people and planet, with a focus on endangered habitats.

Amyris’ commitment to ocean conservation and the protection of sharks began when we developed our flagship ingredient, Squalane, as a replacement for the emollient traditionally harvested from the livers of deep-water sharks.  By powering our own brands with Squalane and selling it over 70% of the global squalane market, we protect more than 2.7 million sharks per year.

This partnership with WWF expands on our commitment to sharks and ocean ecosystems by focusing on ocean health and reducing impacts of fishing on shark populations with two initiatives:

·       driving fisheries in Ecuador and Peru to more sustainable fishing through gear modifications and harvesting methods

·       reducing fishing gear impacts on sharks globally with innovative and recyclable/compostable fishing gear and cleanup of ghost gear (abandoned fishing gear as marine debris)

In addition, we’ll partner with WWF on thought leadership projects and employee volunteerism events, to benefit more communities and raise the profile of our own sustainable science. We are excited for more people to come to know that Amyris has the world’s leading fermentation science and the manufacturing capability to make sustainably, ingredients that are found in nature – but without depleting the earth’s natural resources. We sell our ingredients to large B2Bs in the clean beauty, health and wellness markets and we use these ingredients as building blocks for our own family of consumer brands including Biossance™, JVN™, Purecane™, Pipette™, Stripes™, and EcoFabulous™.

Every day at Amyris we think about how we can improve the health of people and planet, push boundaries and drive change, and this partnership is a natural fit that underscores our environmental commitments as outlined in our 2021 ESG Report.  Amyris is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable consumption and to do that requires systems thinking and partnerships, which is key to Amyris’ success.  It brings to mind an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Beth Bannerman is Amyris’ Chief Engagement and Sustainability Officer.  A principal strategist and advisor to the C-Suite and executive team, she is responsible for setting the strategic direction for corporate communications, partnerships and all aspects of internal and external communications delivery including the publication of the company’s annual ESG report.





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