Giving Tuesday at Amyris

November 21, 2022

24 hours to do good and help create the better world in which we all want to live

Tuesday, November 29th is Giving Tuesday. This global day, created 20 years ago in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, anchors a simple idea: 24 hours to do good and help create the better world in which we all want to live.

Recognizing Giving Tuesday’s alignment with Amyris’ core values, we encourage our employees and brands to find ways to participate in this important day in ways both big and small. We’re proud of our brands, and all Amyrisians’, commitment to our mission: make good, no compromise – not just on Giving Tuesday, but every day.

Our brands are showing up and giving back in authentic ways. These efforts represent terrific opportunities to participate in Giving Tuesday, while also getting some holiday shopping done! Here are a few examples:

·       Biossance is launching an exclusive, limited-edition product in collaboration with its partner Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Biossance will donate 5% of all sales of this product to further support Oceana’s critical conservation work. Visit on Giving Tuesday to learn more!

·       JVN Hair is excited to support #YouAreEssential for the second year in a row. On Giving Tuesday, 100% of the profits from will benefit #YouAreEssential, a national crisis relief organization that transforms the conditions that burden our most essential workers by providing funding, resources, and educational tools to promote sustainability and impact. #YouAreEssential’s objective is to inspire cross-cultural, collaborative efforts that yield abundant resources, resilience, and reignite hope in a time of despair.

·       Rose Inc has pledged 20% of its profits for 48 hours starting on Giving Tuesday to Girls Rising, a nonprofit focused on girls’ education and empowerment.

·       Costa Brazil is launching a collaboration with Tropic of C Swim & Skin. 10% of sales on these items, through the end of the year, will be donated to Conservation International.

·       EcoFabulous will donate 50% of all proceeds to Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN). WECAN is a solutions-based organization established to engage women in all their diversity worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.

This year, we also connected with our new partners at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to identify individual ways our employees can make a positive impact, with a focus on two areas particularly close to our hearts — the importance of protecting biodiversity; and reversing the alarming trend of biodiversity loss.

Listed below are some of our favorites. You can find even more ideas by clicking over to WWF’s “60 Actions for the Planet.” We encourage everyone to share these resources with families, friends and colleagues. As WWF says, “Together, we can find solutions for a better future where people and nature can thrive. Together, it’s possible.”

1.      Buy responsibly caught seafood. Help keep our fisheries and fish stocks healthy by looking for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels on product packaging or restaurant menus. Their blue and green fish logos ensure your fish can be traced back to responsibly managed fisheries and farms.

2.     Substitute items from your diet with aquatic foods like mussels, which is an effective way to help biodiversity. Farmed seaweed and mussels generate the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, followed by sardines. Reducing emissions to mitigate climate change is essential to protect biodiversity.

3.     Eat a planet-based diet. Our food systems have caused 70% of biodiversity loss on land and 50% in water. Shifting our eating patterns can help us restore nature and improve our health. Choose more sustainable ingredients, diversify your diet, up your veggies and balance your meat intake, eat minimally processed and nutritious foods, and reduce food waste. Use the Planet-Based Diets Impact & Action Calculator to see how changes to your diet can help reduce your food footprint relative to your country’s environment. Then adjust your shopping list based on the diet you’ve selected along with the ingredients you already have.

4.     Skip unnecessary single-use plastics. While some single-use plastics can support safety and health, many plastics—such as non-reusable water bottles, plastic bags, and straws—pollute our ocean and can destroy ecosystems and endanger marine life.

5.     Pledge to work together to solve the world’s greatest environmental problems, protect our oceans, protect biodiversity strongholds like the Amazon, and be a more conscious consumer who chooses to purchase products that are sustainably sourced.

6.     Increase your ocean IQ. The more you learn about the ocean and its amazingly varied ecosystems, the better prepared you’ll be to inspire change—and help others do the same.

7.     Build a wildlife habitat in your backyard. Looking for a fun, sustainable craft? From toad and bat houses to bug hotels, you can create many different wildlife habitats to support biodiversity in your own backyard.

8.     Understand your water footprint. Our freshwater environments provide habitat for more than 125,000 species while providing us with water to drink and grow food. Yet these biodiverse areas are under threat—wetlands have lost 87% of their coverage in the past era. Calculate your water footprint and become a water guardian by doing one new thing every week to manage your water usage at home.

9.     Explore biodiversity where you live. You don’t have to travel far to find interesting plants, trees, flowers, fungi and animals. Your garden, local park or nearby nature reserve are rich ecosystems filled with species that live alongside us. A great way to learn about and identify native species in your area is by using the Seek app.

10.     Inspire and educate our future conservation leaders. Inspiring our next generation to care for the Earth will secure a better future for both people and wildlife. Check out WWF’s Wild Classroom for family fun and learning opportunities; Find Your Inner Animal and expand your wildlife knowledge with Animal Trivia Games; download the WWF Together app for interactive experiences with endangered species and natural habitats.

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