Purecane™ Launches in Kroger Stores in Time for Healthy Holiday Baking

December 02, 2022

For many people, the holidays are synonymous with the scent of sweet treats in the oven and making memories in the kitchen with loved ones.

Unfortunately, the sugar that fuels these treats comes at a cost for those with diabetes or dietary restrictions. Enter: Purecane™, our sustainable, zero-calorie, low-glycemic index sweetener made from Sugarcane Reb M, a molecule naturally present in stevia.

It’s no secret that certain foods like sugar are linked to a number of chronic diseases and illnesses—from diabetes and blood sugar problems, an increased risk of heart disease, and even harmful impacts to our cognitive health. But not all artificial sweeteners are created equal, and switching to just any artificial sweetener can also have negative health risks: A recent study found that participants who consumed large amounts of the aspartame molecule had a higher risk of stroke than people who didn’t consume the sweetener.

For the month of December, and on the heels American Diabetes Month, Purecane has teamed up with U.S. grocery store Kroger to launch in 1,322 Kroger pharmacies nationwide as a diabetic-friendly sweetener choice for shoppers. Two packaging options—both zero-glycemic—will be available: Purecane 40 ct packets and its Spoonable canister.

Food as Medicine 
Kroger’s “Food as Medicine” program is designed to help consumers make smarter, more nutritious food choices. While sweeteners typically are shelved in the sugar aisle, Kroger will display Purecane products adjacent to its pharmacies, underscoring its suitability for diabetes patients and other health-conscious customers.

The Purecane™ Difference 
At Amyris, we assembled a team of the world’s leading food scientists and discovered a unique type of precision fermentation that produces a zero-calorie sweetener. Our team tested thousands of yeast strains to find the one that combines with sugarcane to produce a sweet zero-calorie ingredient. This ingredient is called Sugarcane Reb M.

With Purecane, home-chefs and bakers and can also be assured that they’re using sustainable ingredients—while massive land use is associated with traditional sugar and sweetener processing, Purecane requires 1/10th of the agricultural acreage of the competition. Our sugarcane is grown sustainably and ethically in Brazil, far away from the Amazon, and we do not contribute to deforestation.

We recycle sugarcane byproduct to use as rich fertilizer for our sugarcane fields. We even recycle sugarcane to create paper for our Purecane Packets boxes!

Start Your Holiday Baking Off Right 
Whether it’s a steaming mug of hot cocoa, or recreating your favorite Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars, be sure to bookmark Purecane’s Recipe website—you may even discover how to make your new favorite, low calorie cocktail!

Happy Holidays, and here’s to your health!


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