4U by Tia Launches

January 30, 2023

Science-backed curl care at an accessible price. No compromises.

Today, Amyris launched 4U by Tia, an accessible, high-performance natural haircare line co-developed with Tia Mowry – actress, entrepreneur, and 4U brand founder.

4U by Tia is committed to redefining textured hair care with science-backed, high-performance curl care that works beautifully without harming your health or the planet.

Tia partnered with Amyris because we are a pioneer in clean beauty. She wanted to deliver a natural haircare line with the safest, simplest, and most effective products for natural hair — powered by science.

We are launching a full line of 8 products designed to simplify the natural hair care journey and elevate (and never weigh down) curls. Formulated for 2A to 4C hair, 4U celebrates curls, coils, and waves by offering clean, simple, and effective products — powered by science.

The line contains patented Hemi15 ™, a breakthrough ingredient for textured hair that locks in moisture and nourishes hair. Not only is it clinically validated, but it is also vegan, silicon-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

As 4U’s brand President, I could not be more thrilled to bring this incredible line to market. In addition to 4UbyTia.com, we are launching with Walmart (in-store and online) as our exclusive retail partner to help live into our mission of making sustainability accessible.   With Tia’s vision and Walmart’s support, we have worked closely together to better understand consumer needs and insights to ensure we were creating something unique that sets us apart in the market.

We are committed to elevating natural hair care with science-backed curl care at an accessible price with no compromises.

We want to give consumer better choices. It’s all about giving consumers better choices. And that’s exactly what 4U by Tia provides for the textured hair market: quality products that are not only straightforward to use but also developed with the health and safety of the environment in mind.

Textured hair is (finally) beginning to be celebrated in pop culture and at home. But, more than ever, natural hair consumers seek products to enhance rather than hide their curls.

Welcome to 4U by Tia: Science-based. Nature Made. Totally Clean.

Karima McDaniel is President of 4U by Tia. She brings nearly 20 years of experience in consumer and healthcare companies with expertise in leading all aspects of brand strategy and commercialization. Most recently Karima served as the Global Chief Marketing Officer of a global health and wellness company, helping build and execute the Marketing strategy for a portfolio of over 12 brands across 60+ countries.

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