CBD from fermentation delivers consistent purity and higher yields, says Amyris

News June 27, 2019

By Elaine Watson | orig date: June 20, 2019 | foodnavigator-usa.com

CBD and other cannabinoids produced via fermentation can deliver the purity and reliability that the market is looking for at a lower price, claims Amyris, which is aiming to introduce its 1st products next year following a partnership with a newly formed company called LAVVAN, Inc.

One of several firms developing platforms to biosynthesize cannabinoids via fermentation, Amyris has studied how the cannabis plant creates CBD and effectively reverse engineered the process by taking the same genes that ‘instruct’ the plant to make CBD and inserted them into a yeast. This then eats sugars in a big fermentation tank and produces CBD. (While the yeast is genetically engineered, there is no yeast in the final product.)

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the recent IFT annual meeting and Expo in New Orleans, Amyris chief operating officer Eduardo Alvarez said producing CBD in this way offered significant benefits over extracting it from cannabis plants, including consistent purity and dosage; improved yield; no pesticides; no heavy metals or other contaminants from the soil; the reassurance of no THC; and lower water and land usage.

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