Giving, Sustainably

News December 7, 2020

While it feels fantastic to give to others, doing so with a sustainable perspective makes it doubly thoughtful. There are many ways to make your giving more impactful. First, look for products made from sustainable materials and that come in minimal and recyclable packaging.


For instance, our Biossance clean beauty, Pipette clean baby care and Purecane sweetener brands are great examples of products that use clean ingredients and recyclable packaging.


  • Pipette: Minimal outer packaging that is made from post-consumer (PCR) recycled paper; bottles and jars that are made with PCR content; formulas that adhere to our 2000+ ingredient ban of chemicals of concern.
  • Biossance: Recyclable bottles and jars; inner cartons are made of sugarcane paper from the pulp left over from sugarcane processing; formulas that adhere to our 2000+ ingredient ban of chemicals of concern.
  • Purecane: Box made of sugarcane paper from the pulp left over from sugarcane processing; with RebM, a rare and difficult to extract molecule from the stevia plant that we’ve developed from sugarcane and requires 1/10 the agricultural acreage of other leading, natural leaf products.
  • Both Biossance and Pipette contain our sugarcane derived squalane, an ingredient traditionally harvested from shark liver, thus offsetting the killing of millions of sharks per year.
  • And because we care about climate change, all of our customer shipments went carbon neutral this year.


When it comes down to being a sustainable consumer, it also means aligning your ethics with your wallet. Purchase from companies that support causes that you care about. Here are a handful of retailers that are taking meaningful steps in supporting sustainability and social impact:


Gardening supplies, beautiful things for the home and kitchen, they support multiple causes and are a certified B corp.

Sustainably made, beautiful and comfy bedding, bath towels and loungewear. They have a recycling program where they recycle and renew your old linens.

An outdoor clothing and gear store that is a true leader and inspiration in sustainability.

If you’re on a budget, you can’t beat IKEA. Plus, they have serious sustainability goals.


Another way to give meaningfully is to make donation on someone’s behalf. Here are a few of our favorite organizations that are doing great work to make us and our planet healthier:


Works tirelessly to support conservation of endangered shark populations to educate on their importance in maintaining our ocean’s ecosystem.

Diabetes advocacy, promoting education to those suffering from the disease and research to find a cure.

Family resource center that empowers homeless and low-income families to build the strength and confidence they need to transform their lives.

Considered the top ocean conservation organizations working globally to protect and restore our oceans.

A UN program that protects the world’s most vulnerable children.

A UN initiative to fight hunger in the most impoverished areas worldwide.


Another great way to give sustainably to make your own baked goods or jam right from your kitchen. Throw into mason jars and you have gift that truly comes from the heart. And make those delicious goodies lower carb by replacing sugar with Purecane.


Giving sustainably creates more meaning and a positive impact. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? Cheers.