Green for the Holidays: Tips to Staying Sustainable

News December 23, 2020

We all know that the Holidays are going to be different this year, though however, you choose to celebrate, you can do it sustainably. Here are a few tips for greening along the way. 


Deck the Halls 

  • If you like having a tree in the house, go live. A potted tree can stay happy and healthy outside throughout the rest of the year—plus adorn your yard—and then come inside when it’s time to pull out the holiday decorations 
  • If you love the look of a cut tree, make sure you buy local and compost it when it’s ready to let it go. Also, skip the tinsel so it doesn’t end up contaminating the compost bin.  
  • Switch to LED holiday lights to use less energy. Plus, they last longer, don’t burn out & don’t get hot to the touch. 
  • And if you happen to go wild with the lights, take it a step further and make your decorations carbon neutral. Purchase credits from CarbonFund to offset any additional CO2 your brightly lit home may make. 


Give a Little 

  • Instead of a laundry list of presents, why not pick a name or two and focus on those individuals for more impactful giving? 
  • Give battery-free gifts. Instead, how about a fun board game to keep everyone occupied while staying safe at home? 
  • If you want to give a little green, what is greener than a houseplant? Though if the person you have in mind doesn’t have the greenest thumb, then a nice succulent will do. 
  • Give the gift of clean beauty with Biossance or some Pipette products for baby, mom & new moms to be. 
  • And if you really want to give meaningfully, make a donation to a worthy cause in someone’s name. It feels good and supports positivity in the world.  


It’s a Wrap 

  • When wrapping gifts remember to reuse gift wrap and gift bags. Make a game out of how many times a gift bag can be repurposed and passed around the family throughout the years.  
  • And for a rustic, homemade look, reuse those paper grocery bags we’ve collected during the pandemic. Cut them up (remember to use the inside if there is a store logo on the outside) and wrap away 


Eat, Drink and Be Merry 

  • The crowd will inevitably be smaller at the table this year so plan accordingly for no food waste. If you find that you have an excess, donate whatever you can’t freeze to the homeless. 
  • If you find you want to forgo cooking this year, order from your local restaurants that are open and support their business. 
  • And if you’re still baking delicious treats, help sustain your weight and blood sugar by switching out the sugar for Purecane. 


So no matter what the Holidays look like for you this year, rest assured that you can celebrate without compromising the planet. Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!