Hit Refresh: Sustainable Wellness Goals for the New Year

News January 11, 2021

For many of us, the turn of the calendar year symbolizes a new beginning and fresh start. This time around has greater meaning to everyone across the globe as we’ve all experienced challenges due to the pandemic. And because of this, it’s especially important to be gentle with our goal setting selves and set attainable—and manageable—targets. 


Here are some tips and suggestions, let them serve as inspiration and focus on what feels right for you.  


Get Moving 

If increasing energy and strength is on your agenda, a good fitness program can do the trick.  

  • If exercising alone doesn’t get you moving and you miss the interaction and camaraderie of working out with others, join a virtual zoom class 
  • And if you’re in an area where weather permits, mask up and take a walk outside. There’s nothing like getting some fresh air.  


Munch Meaningfully 

Thinking (without overthinking) about what you eat is important and when it comes to food, awareness is key 

  • Eating your vegies is just common sense, but do it in a way that is pleasurable. Don’t like kale? Don’t eat it!  
  • Love a good saladGo light on the dressing and season up with fresh herbs to make it more flavorful. 
  • We all deserve a good treat now and then, and allowing some of what you love will help keep the denial monster at bayChocolate your thing? A little piece of dark chocolate is not only delicious, it’s also antioxidant rich 


Connect & Reflect 

Even though this year has brought challenges in connecting with our loved ones and the hugs have been scarcewe can take advantage of living in a digital age. 

  • Whether you live alone and feel isolated, or are overwhelmed with kids, pets and other adults in constant close proximity, it’s important to keep your outside connections. Virtual coffee chat, happy hour or movie night with friends can do amazing things for mental health. 
  • With the daily onslaught of news, it’s important to take breaks from the constant chaos and remember to slow down, breathe and have some quiet time 
  • As you reflect back on the year, try to find even small things to be grateful for. And look toward the future with gratitude for those things you know you’ll be doing again. It will get better. 


Keep It Clean 

Tidying up your place isn’t just about keeping things organized, a cluttered home can also have an impact on your physical and mental health.  

  • Dust bunnies may sound cute, but can cause allergy-like symptoms and aggravate allergies if you already have them. A little dusting and vacuuming can vastly improve air quality.  
  • Clear the clutter and clear your mind. When things to pile up it can feel overwhelming and turn your mess into stress. If you have a lot to tackle, divide and conquer by focusing on one area at a time.   


Make it Stick 

It’s great to have goals, but how do you stay motivated long enough to see lasting results 

  • Create a schedule and stick to it. Consistency really does help and if it’s something like exercise, scheduling on days and off days helps simplify the process and helps you avoid burnout, especially in the beginning. 
  • Buddy up. If you have a friend that wants to work toward the same goal, holding each other accountable is a way to offer support when the motivation starts to slip.  
  • And finally, but most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you go off track. With anything there will be inevitably times when you slip up. Knowing that will give you the incentive to get back up again.  


Again, remember to start with what is attainable and then build from thereAnd remember, the world can still feel like a challenging place so be good to yourselfHappy 2021, cheers!