Our line of renewable lubricants will redefine performance for the lubricants industry by offering sustainably-sourced solutions to the most advanced lubrication challenges without compromise in performance or quality.

Amyris originally joined forces with Brazil’s Cosan to produce renewable base oils and lubricants from Biofene®, our brand of farnesene, a renewable hydrocarbon building block molecule through a joint venture, named Novvi.  In June 2016, American Refining Group committed to an equity stake in Novvi and, later in December 2016, Chevron, as well, enabling market access and accelerating revenue growth of Novvi's high performance, sustainably sourced, renewable lubricant products.

Novvi is leveraging Amyris’s leading synthetic biology platform to produce targeted hydrocarbon molecules from plant sugar as well as Cosan’s feedstock capabilities and supply and distribution infrastructure to pursue the large global market for lubricants.

These branded renewable NovaSpec base oils and lubricants improve upon key environmental metrics including biodegradability, toxicity and renewability when compared with petroleum-sourced base oils.  All will deliver the high-performance characteristics of today’s leading oils across multiple applications from automotive to process and industrial oils and ready to face the toughest challenges.