Our partnership with Kuraray is developing farnesene to replace petroleum-derived feedstock in the production of specified classes of high-performing polymers for a number of applications including liquid rubber, elastomers, adhesives, and sealants.

In the area of liquid rubber, commercial tires marketed by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. under their Dunlop brand utilizing our renewable liquid-farnesene rubber (LFR) developed with Kuraray launched in early 2017.

This marked an industry first for liquid farnesene rubber to be used in car tires and this unique additive has boosted the tire’s performance.

LFR Features

  • Viscosity that is much lower compared with current liquid isoprene rubber making it easier for rubber product manufacturers to use. Maintains excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures, improving ice grip and cornering performance in tires.
  • Unique chemical structure reacts completely with solid rubber during processing and unlike oil additives stays bonded, keeping tires softer, longer.