Biofene® (or trans-β-farnesene) is a scaffold for specialty chemical applications.

Biofene®, trans-β-Farnesene, is a scaffold for specialty chemical applications.
Trans-β-farnesene acts a food attractant to codling moths and our pattern is inspired by the look of their wings under a microscope.

Amyris’ Biofene, or trans-β-Farnesene, is a sustainable and versatile ingredient, produced via fermentation and synthetic biology. Biofene is a precursor molecule that with a bit of clean chemistry can be converted to other natural ingredients that Amyris produces.

Amyris’ Lab-to-Market™ platform enables the production of many molecules at high purity levels and provides three distinct advantages over the existing sources:

It efficiently produces compounds that can’t be made by chemical synthesis
It replaces compounds typically derived from plant and animal sources that can’t be extracted reliably
It replaces compounds made from petrochemicals, with renewable compounds.

The Amyris synthetic biology platform is revolutionary in allowing commercially viable levels of production of the Biofene molecule. Applications of Amyris’ Biofene include performance materials, adhesives, fragrances, surfactants, stabilizers, oligomers and polymers, resins, emulsifiers, vitamin precursors, crop protection, and foams, coatings and sealants.


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