A sustainable and consistent source for the fragrance industry

A fermentation-derived, natural molecule used to make woody and amber notes in fragrance.
This pattern represents an abstract evergreen tree as a tribute to the rare New Zealand pines that produce manool in nature.

Manool is a key ingredient used to make woody, amber notes in the fragrance industry.

Traditionally, Manool is sourced from fallen Manoao pine trees, a native New Zealand species. Manoao pine trees are an endangered species and currently, the harvesting of fallen Manoao pines is restricted to one company to preserve New Zealand’s natural biodiversity.

As a result, Manool is only available in small quantities from the traditional agricultural source and long-term availability can be difficult to predict. Amyris has developed a renewable solution to help protect the Manoao pine species, as well as ensure a reliable supply of Manool for the future.

Using a fermentation-based approach, Amyris can provide the fragrance industry with a source of Manool that is not reliant on the Manoao pine tree and therefore has zero impact on New Zealand’s biodiversity. With this approach, Amyris’ Manool has a higher purity at more than 80%, and ensures stable costs and consistent, reliable access.


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