Patchouli-type oil

A natural, sustainable fragrance

A fermentation-derived, natural molecule and Patchouli-type fragrance.
As a species in the Lamiaceae family, we represent patchouli with a pattern inspired by the Eudicot stem of a Lamiaceae plant.

Native to Southeast Asia, Patchouli oil has been traded for centuries along the Silk Road. It is extracted from the leaves of Pogostemon cablin, an exotic mint, and is one of the largest fragrance crops globally.

Patchouli oil is used around the world, most commonly in fragrances and personal care products, with production estimated at 1,200 tons per year. Currently, the Patchouli plant is one of the largest, but most variable fragrance crops in the world. In its botanical state, the fragrance is inconsistent and can have burnt or rubbery undertones, due to extraction methods and variability in region and environmental conditions.

Amyris’ fermentation-produced Patchouli-type oil provides a cleaner, more consistent fragrance profile and is not subject to fluctuations in cost or availability. Because of the production method, Amyris’ Patchouli-type oil doesn’t have the harsh notes typical of Patchouli extracted from agricultural sources, offering a unique, elevated woody note.

For 1 hectare of land (), traditional plant-based sources for Patchouli yield less than 0.15 metric tons, whereas Amyris’ fermentation based approach yields 0.73 metric tons. Further, the land that Patchouli grows on can be continuously cultivated on a single plot of land for only 3-4 years before soils are depleted and unsuitable for Patchouli production; in comparison sugarcane—Amyris’ feedstock —can be cultivated on the same plot of land for up to 200 years.

Amyris’ Patchouli-type oil helps meet the growing demand from formulators interested in this fragrance, and offers higher purity, stabilized pricing, and a reliable supply chain source. Due to the elevated, clean scent of Amyris’ Patchouli-type oil, it has also led to innovative product applications and can be found in fine fragrances, haircare, body care, soap, candles, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, room sprays, and more.

Amyris’ Patchouli-type oil is a recipient of the Sepawa Award, recognizing the most innovative breakthroughs in cosmetics, detergent and perfume applications.

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