RealSweet™ Reb M

A natural, no-calorie sweetener – pure, sustainable, diabetes-friendly, and exceptionally sweet, derived sustainably from sugarcane.

A fermentation-derived, natural molecule that is bioidentical to Reb M, the sweetest and most rare steviol glycoside in the stevia plant.
Crystallization is used in the manufacture of Reb M from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, so our pattern is inspired by crystal structures.

RealSweet™ Reb M: A natural, no-calorie sweetener – pure, sustainable, diabetes-friendly, and exceptionally sweet, derived sustainably from sugarcane and non-GMO.


Amyris’ RealSweet™ Reb M is a delicious, no-calorie sweetener with a zero glycemic index. RealSweet™ offers formulators a high-purity, high-potency sweetener with a taste profile that mimics sucrose with no lingering aftertaste.

The health risks associated with added sugar consumption are well documented, from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to fatigue and skin irritation. However, people are consuming more sugar today than ever and the sweetener alternatives until now have either been made with artificial chemicals or carry a lingering aftertaste that most people find unpleasant.

To compensate, food and beverage formulators have used taste maskers and modulators, and other secondary additives to ensure that products sweetened with plant-based stevia meet the taste expectations of consumers, adding cost and complexity to product development.

RealSweet™ Reb M is bioidentical to stevia’s sweetest molecule, present in the leaves at only very low concentrations (less than 0.1%), making it difficult to isolate using traditional extraction and harvesting processes. But Amyris creates the pure Reb M molecule through fermentation, by engineering yeast and fermenting sugarcane, so none of the challenges that exist with leaf purification exist with Amyris’ clean chemistry.

“The Amyris partnership and collaboration on Reb M from fermentation is progressing well, and initial customer feedback for this great tasting product has been very positive. […] And then the fermented Reb M, which has just tremendous benefits from both the costs and sustainability platform, and we couldn’t be aligned with a better technology partner in Amyris, a leader in synthetic biology.” – James P. Zallie — President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Ingredion Inc.

RealSweet™ Reb M performs well in beverage, baking, confectionary, dairy and as the hero ingredient to Amyris’ own brand of consumer sweetener products, Purecane™.

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