A natural, sustainable fragrance

A fermentation-derived, natural molecule and a sweet, balsamic fragrance.
Our sclareol is a replacement for the ambergris found in sperm whales. This pattern symbolizes their echolocation ability.

Sclareol is a key component in plants ranging from clary sage to key limes that makes aromas linger longer in products.

Sclareol has come to replace a former fragrance material, ambergris, which is derived from sperm whale secretion and is difficult to find and cost prohibitive—its key chemical constituent is ambroxide. As a result of the limited supply available from sperm whales, the industry now uses an alternative to ambroxide: Sclareol, which is most commonly derived from clary sage plants, a flowering herb native to Europe.

Since clary sage yields can vary based on weather conditions, Amyris has developed an alternative Sclareol that is produced through fermentation and engineered yeast. Amyris’ Sclareol offers a consistent supply chain, stable pricing, and sustainable sourcing.


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