Neossance® Squalane

The Shark-Friendly Squalane Top Brands Count on

A fermentation-derived, natural molecule bioidentical to shark-derived squalane used in cosmetics and skincare.
As a hydrogenated version of squalene, our pattern for squalane calls to mind the swells of the ocean.

Amyris’ Neossance® Squalane is the highest quality and most versatile emollient used in a wide variety of applications such as skincare, sun care, color cosmetics, makeup removal, and deodorants. Squalane has proven skin therapy benefits in formulations, including an increase in skin firmness and the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Squalane boosts skin health with moisturizing, anti-aging, and brightening skin improvements from a natural ingredient that is ethically and sustainably sourced, powered by science and backed by data.

Squalane is the more stable, hydrogenated version of squalene, which we are born with as babies but naturally diminishes as we age.  Traditionally, beauty companies have gone to the bottom of the ocean to find this rare ingredient, harvesting it from the livers of deep-sea sharks, a threat to shark populations with long-lasting consequences to our ocean’s biodiversity. An alternate source, olive oil, carries dependencies on weather, crop yields and environmental supply chain risks.

Neossance® Squalane offers superior purity and quality, helping brands formulate consistent and high-performing products. Amyris’ leverages its synthetic biology platform to engineer and ferment yeast with sugarcane to create sugarcane-derived squalane sustainably to replace the shark-derived ingredient, saving more than 2 million sharks per year.

Amyris’ Neossance® Squalane powers thousands of cosmetic brands globally.

Click here to watch the sustainable journey from sugarcane to Neossance® Squalane.


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