Leading the way to a more sustainable future.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable ingredients made with synthetic biology, our technology allows millions of people, young and old, to enjoy environmentally-friendly products that are made with our sustainable ingredients. Using sugarcane fermentation, we convert basic plant sugars into rare bioidentical molecules, essential ingredients and clean, effective everyday products. We are passionately pioneering the future of clean chemistry where people and planet can prosper.


A passion for clean chemistry. A commitment to a sustainable planet.

Synthetic biology is capable of remaking the world’s chemistry. Our proven Lab-to-Market™ operating system has successfully produced molecules bioidentical to those that exist in nature. Whether it is a breakthrough molecule for anti-wrinkle skincare, a zero-calorie sweetener, a life-saving medication, a fine fragrance, or a polymer that makes electronic circuits more effective, our technology platform will take us to new opportunities that we haven’t yet imagined.

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Delivering what consumers demand – great performance from sustainable products, made with clean chemistry.

We are the first synthetic biology company to successfully launch a family of clean consumer brands. The natural and sustainable ingredients we produce are the building blocks of our brands’ products. Amyris’ science and technology brings the benefits of our ingredients directly to consumers.

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Delivering functional, sustainable, and natural ingredients at unmatched speed and scale.

With our technology platform, we can offer better performing ingredients at a lower cost using a process that is far better for the environment. This is our Make Good. No Compromise® pledge that is delivering industry-leading growth and supporting the environmental goals of our customers.

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to sustainable ingredients.

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Our new ingredients manufacturing plant in Barra Bonita, Brazil began operations in 2022.

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