Welcome to Our New Website.

June 28, 2021

Welcome to the new Amyris website, we’re glad you’re here.

Whether you’re an investor curious about how we’re delivering on the promise of synthetic biology, a scientist looking to join our world-class team, or a consumer wondering how our leading brands make some of your favorite products, you’ll find it all here. We hope you’ll join us in exploring our new website to uncover everything from the latest molecules we’re developing to timely new stories and award wins to where we’re speaking next to the most recent partnerships we’ve established to transform global markets.

Moving the world to sustainable ingredients is an exciting journey and our new website now reflects who Amyris is today, after years of hard work and extraordinary growth. Visitors to our site now can see the breadth of our work and the lasting impact we’re leaving across major markets by helping consumers and B2B partners put sustainability first.

From our founding in 2003, we set out to change the world by making natural ingredients that the world relies on to be more efficacious, sustainable, and accessible. Our goal is to make what is scarce in this world, abundant for all so that future generations can benefit from healthier products that are also good for the planet. To us, sustainability starts at the molecular level and this mission has remained a constant for us for nearly two decades, through many twists and turns.

As one of the earliest synthetic biology success stories, the one thing we can tell you with certainty is that it takes more than just technical skills to win in this industry—it takes passion. From our scientists to our global brand educators to our operations team and everyone in between, what connects us all at Amyris is our relentless passion to leave a positive mark on this world. We are purpose-driven in everything we do, and we don’t stop at good enough.

To celebrate the passion that has continued to drive our work at Amyris over the years, we invite you to watch our brand anthem film, just launched today. See the world as we see it: Synthetic biology is the key to a sustainable future and will help us solve the world’s most pressing challenges.


We’re proud to share this next phase of growth with you all today and hope you’ll enjoy an improved user experience, in addition to the design upgrade that better represents #TeamAmyris.

Explore our new website and tell us what you think – for investors, for media, for consumers, for scientists, and everyone in between – and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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