Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead: The Amyris Impact

March 13, 2023

Discover the astounding innovations shaping our lives – and meet the brains behind them

Biotechnology has the power to help change the world, answering some of society’s greatest challenges, improving our relationship with the climate and impacting many parts of our everyday lives. It’s the science of living cells, and whether it’s tackling food and fuel scarcity or revolutionizing medical research and treatment, the industry is leading in the discovery and implementation of many critical solutions.

With so many advances in the field, consumers, businesses and investors are looking to increase their understanding of the promise of biotechnology and the impact it can have on both industries and individual people.

Today, we’re thrilled to debut two short films produced for us by BBC Storyworks Commerical Productions as a part of a series presented by BIO. Showcased as a part of the groundbreaking series, “Nature’s Building Blocks,” these films celebrate the people behind our science, while telling the stories of those whose lives are impacted by it.

These inspiring films were created specifically to bring our innovative science to life and demonstrate its incredible impact on people and planet.

The first film, “Unlocking nature’s best qualities: What copying nature’s molecules could mean for humanity,”  takes us back to reflect on the Amyris origin story, explores how the science that was discovered in the UC Berkeley Labs continues to power the work we’re doing today and looks at the infinite possibilities ahead.


The second film, “The beauty industry’s sugary makeover: How fermentation can help change the face of beauty products,” demonstrates our current and potential impact on the Beauty, Health and Wellness industry and takes you on the ingredient journey from Lab-to-Market.


The Amyris story began twenty years ago but is still just beginning. The possibilities are truly endless. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

*All viewers based in the U.K. should please click here to watch these videos.


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